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The Hikigane-Sei:

In the begining there was order. Heaven, Hell and Earth would be captivated in the same sense of this order as Earth would remain untarnished by either Tengoku (Heaven) or Jigoku (Hell). Of course, it would only be a matter of time. The gateway of Takaira ripped open from the surface of Koqui, swerving outwards a massive storm of chaos - an embodiment of the conflicts between Jigoku and Tengoku. The proverbial sins of humanity where embraced by Jigoku, attaining such strength that the realm was able to pierce crimson lightning through the Earth - nearly destroying it before Tengoku also jumped into the fray with some sense of mercy.

As the gateway was opened, the guardian of Takaira unleashed 7 Signs in its wake. Seven Signs of Apocalypse where scattered through out the land of Koqui.

However, as counterparts, 3 Seals arose from the aftermath. Each seal had an embodiment: Heaven, Hell and Earth. Other seals would also spawn from these and eventually formed around 15 Seals to counterattack the primordial rage of the Apocalyptic Seven. The 15 Seals became the Hikigane-Sei; Spiritual Triggers of the 15 and a sacred clan that would bring light to Koqui.

Unfortunately, the Hikigane-Sei couldn't keep up with the modern society of Miyogi, so it accepted a close alliance with the conglomerate of Red Scorpion Inc.