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Genesis of Koqui..

As Order came to be, the creator has instated a series of spectacles to carry on with his 'divine' plan of creation. His first-born race, the 'beings of light' came to be. As loyal beings that would forever cherish their Lord. Later on, He created a second, different from the beings of light. This new being was a manifestation of the Creator, in ties to his image and likeness. For this was his only son. And the other beings of light knew this... and so a state of jelousy and envy took its form. Alot of the beings of light where so enraged by their new found emotion that it ripped through their given hearts, causing them to throw out their 'form' of divinity and became darkness. And so they would wage war against the Heavens themselves, to take down the empire of thy Lord, which was a Silvern City that later came to be as Heaven. The primordial blood of Angels splattered across the hallowed city, and Chaos was formed. This Chaos raptured a new world, that would be an abstract of the Silvern City.

The Dark Angels where casted into the bowels of Jigoku, where they would eternally suffer for their sinful acts. However, before this, the prophetic Dark Angel had corrupted one of God's most treasured Angels: Humanity. Humanity was tarnished by thoughts of being succumbed by slavery and an eternal commitment to servitude. God took note of this and since Humanity was indecisive over which side to choose, the form of the Angel had been ripped in half. And so two sides formed: Adam and Eva. Unfortunately, their tainted beings where equally spread. However, this incident gave birth to a new type of Order.

Because of this, a void ripped in between both worlds of Jigoku and Heaven. Adam and Eva where casted in between both sides. Now, the world of Jigoku has grown weak, and thus it needs to merge with a more powerful realm. In which, Koqui has become the instrumentality of Jigoku for completion. The sins of Humanity are making this quite possible. However, there is still one last hope.....

This where you and the RP come in, fuckers!