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Introduction: Koqui

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In the year of 2015, a temporal storm ripped through the Earth. Its origin was unknown, but of the metaphysical cataclysm that it formed through out the world, it could only be described as utter chaos. Disclosing the thoughts of man about this, it was a taint of the past that decided to relish in retrospective means. The Guardian of this world, whom merely coalesced himself with the passing of ages and into death, had returned but with a revelation of his deviancy. He walked once more upon the Earth.

Jet black hair cascaded down his back, crystalline orbs of glamorous blue peered from his pupils as he would reign absolute dominion over the world. For this, he unleashed the chaotic signs of Apocalypse. Vengeance, Fear, Distortion, Soul, Justice, Death and Aftermath conveyed themselves into existence and devoured it. For it would be the beginning of a new era, yet it would spread with little hope; Hopes of a mere seed planted on bad soil for flourishing.

Now, all that is left is the decayed terrain of an old world. Ruins stretch endlessly, pedregals pooled in the crimson blood of a purged humanity sought through endless cloisters of this age...of aftermath. The last sign of Revelation was still a hindrance. Yet, this sign would have to pass, and so Aftermath transferred all of its thought into a single notion that would truly destroy the existence of what was left of humanity. It channeled itself over a single spirit, an evil entity that imploded itself into temporal entropy. The gateway of paradox was once again opened as a temporal storm, but this time it only sought on summoning fiends from the netherplanes of reality to devour Earth.

And so, subterranean manifestations took place under a parchment of underground society beliefs and a gospel of hope: the new conglomerate of Red Scorpion Inc. Besides this, the only remaining metropolis of Miyogi also flourished as an empire to withstand the waves of fiends that appeared from the gateway of chaos. If the gateway should be closed, then a new world, 'heavenly' world would come forth; but mankind must first be purged from their testimonial sin.