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Welcome to Koqui!


04/27/02: Perhaps a prototype graphic, here is the new example of the Koqui Attribute System (Power Levels): Click..

By the way..check the boards, people! We've got some plots already running.

Well, the site layout has possibly met its end at changes because frankly - i'm tired of changing it. But anyways, i'd like to note that the Hikigane-Sei project has been postponed (as states on the boards) and Chris will be working on the webpage for the clan (Arigatou!).


Well, for those of you newcomers that are checking out this site for the first time you're probably wondering. What is Koqui? Basically, its a new realm with mixed genres for Role-Play. It has a little of everything. And yes - all characters are aloud in (in a freeform sense).

HOWEVER, you must keep in ties with Koqui's terms. And for this I mean the conditions of the planet and its realm of reality.

The present state of the -planet- is rather chaotic. An unknown entity has ripped apart the fabric of reality and has created a portal, or vortex, somewhere in the Northern part of the Miyogi continent within Koqui. This is a source, a link to the multiverse (which in actuality is Heaven and Hell). But this portal has been leaking fiends and creatures of distant, evil realms into the reality of Koqui.

Thus, most of the planet is in ruins and those that live outside the metropolis of Miyogi are cowering in subterranian ways or in caved villages. Miyogi has been plotting on a way for salvation, however this involves sacrifice and the manifestation of a new empire. This could prove to be a conflict that may lead to dictatorship.

Despite this, Koqui is in serious need of a better atmosphere. There are various interesting ways you can play out your character within the realm (wether it be some kind of citizen of Miyogi, or striving for survival in the outskirts of the metropolis, etc.)

IMPORTANT OOC-NOTES: In order to cut back on the transit of characters taking the easy way out, wether it be by teleporting or flying (or any other surreal means) there has been posted a warning. Because of Koqui's inestability of reality, the slightest teleportation could rip another whole in the realm and it could mean -destruction- to the user that sacrifices himself to fly or teleport.

This leaves room for much funner means of play, like mini-quests and better plots. All for FUN! Please enjoy your stay in Koqui.