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Role-Play in Koqui

Lets get a few things straight. In this part of the page, there are -NO- guidelines. Screw 'em. These rules you -have- to follow. And I'm not talking about fighting rules either. I've seen way too many realms get ruined because of the lack of respect and RP. Of course, these rules are merely common sense that should be acted out on the gamer's part, but just a reminder:

Rule #1: You must treat -every- RPer with a certain amount of respect. And by this I mean OOCly. So basically, don't transcend from IC scenarios to OOC melodrama or vice-versa.

Rule #2: When all gets tough, let the golden wand of common sense be your weapon. In other words, use -logic- when playing. Don't think that just by barging into the realm you'll immediately have the right to RP a God, or Demi-God for that matter. Character development takes time and it takes alot of playing.

Rule #3: KNOW YOUR CHARACTER. If you don't know what a Saiya-Jin/Kindred/Elf/etc. is -dont- you fucking play them when you don't have a clue on what you're playing. If you pick a race, try to look up all the info there is on that. This also contributes to the part on being a good RPer.

Rule #4: Follow the rules given so far.

II. Role-Play and Character Development

Basically, this would be another set of rules under a different category. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. (Visitor: "I click on the RP link and all I get are rules.) Well, tough shit. A well brought up RP must consist of rules in order to keep a certain degree of organization for the game to run smoothly. So we jump into Character Development. Rule #2 states something about Godly characters. Of course there will be some deities in the realm but not everyone will be one and not everyone can play one. This is a non-arguable concept. You have to be a gamer in Koqui for a certain amount of time and play in plots. Then, if you -want- a God-type character, send the request out to me of the character or post it on the boards for my approval.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to run a dictatorship here, I just want to keep things organized and keep the RP fun. I mean, what's the use if everyone can just rip through reality, blast buildings away with a flick of their finger to solve their problems? No fun in that.

So the question is: How can I progress my character? There are infact several ways to do so. Most of them depend on the character's race and class. If he/she is a fighter then do exactly that: fight your ass off to improve. If he/she is some kind of business man working for Red Scorpion Inc., then try to improve his charisma and abilities as an entrepreneur. Be reasonable with this. Since not everyone will be a fighter, we've decided to break the system of ability levels in various aspects.

For example: (once again) If your character is some kind of business man for Red Scorpion Inc., then his chart of ability levels would be deciphered in the following fashion:

Charisma: From a scale of 1-15
Negotiating Skill: From a scale of 1-15
Other: From a scale of 1-15

**The "Other" factor would implement a special ability of the character that could be decided by the player. Depending on how high his "base skills" are, the more special abilities the character can have.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "What if I want my character as a fighter?" a most popular choice now a'days. Let me break it down for ya. The attributes of fighting are divided into these base aspects:

Stamina: From a scale of 1-200
Speed: From a scale of 1-200
Endurance: From a scale of 1-200
Mentality: From a scale of 1-200
Other: From a scale of 1-200

** Mentality would come into play when it comes to the character's intelligence and psionic ability (if he is a psionicist). Again, depending on the number of base attributes can you develop an "Other" ability.

This also depends on the race of the character. If your character is some kind of Knight with a Stamina of 90/100 then this would mean that his physical mass would be quite large, so his endurance would go up as well. However, as a downfall, his/her Speed would decrease and perhaps even affect the level of mentality. So use your common sense on this one, too.

FAQ Implement: "But what if I want a fighter that is a businessman also?"
Well, theres a rather tricky question. Then you'd have to merge both attribute tables. However, the balance would once again be taken into notion that one thing could lower another. IE: Bob the Knight, who is also a businessman can have a Charisma and Negotiating Skill of 15-15 each. However, this would take up alot of his time to devote to his work as a businessman, and thus his fighting level would decrease (since he wouldn't be devoting as much time to that). So his mentality may be strong, but stamina might drop. Or something along those lines.

Now, making your own Attribute Table (Koqui Style): Choose your race (even if freeform) and decipher it. Take the useful attributes of that race, study 'em and create your table depending on what and how you want your character to be. If you're going to use a half-breed, then take both races, decipher and merge each table, deciding on what to keep and what to not.

III. Role-Play and Fighting

The way of fighting will be strictly T1 Story based. Now, since its strictly turn-based then someone must go first in the battle, right? I've seen arguments come to this (without even starting the fight for god's sake!) on who's going to go first. Well, no more of that shit. Each fighting character will have a "Neo" attribute level that he can increase or decrease. This is from a scale of 1-100 as well. The one with the highest attribute level has the -right- to go first during the match. Should he pass, then its the opponent's turn to start.

Developing Neo-Attributes: To develop your Neo attribute you must have a high mentality. If you have a 50/100 Mentality your Neo attribute would be something like 10/100. This attribute still needs some work, so please feel free to post your thoughts on it in the boards. Thank you.